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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 10, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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mirkarimi. and talk about a turn around, giants win again. we'll hear from fan that is seem to stop in their tracks to soak in the victory . >> complete bay area news conch starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's wednesday, october 10thment i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we're on storm watch tonight with part of the south bay seeing intense bursts of rain, gusty winds and even hailstones pounding some neighborhoods. this video shows hail blanketing a gil roy neighborhood. it was sent to us by ktvu viewer jessica. the ktvu weather department says the severe thunderstorm left two inches of hail on the ground here. there has been thunder and lightening, as well. now, in morgan hill this tree toppled onto a car during today's thunderstorm. a ktvu viewer took this picture at east main road and peeka.
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ktvu meteorologist mark is in our weather center with conditions right now. >> gasia, while parts of the bay area has nothing but sunshine, other parts with severe thunderstorms popping up. this is the radar. you can see the development out toward the gil roy area. as we do put this into motion those yellows and reds flairing up and that was the thunderstorm produced the washing responsible for the warng that was in place till 5:00. maximum hail diameter about one inch and winds over 20 approaching 30 miles an hour. right now in the ray da not allow today show you in terms of coverage. most track parts of the east bay nothing too impress i have but this could gather up and we could have a few spotty-like showers over the next two to three hours across parts of the week. we'll keep an eye on that and the change in forecast coming up in time for the weengd. police tell us that a 12-year-old girl is being treated for a gunshot wound. we heard about the shooting just
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after 5:00 p.m. and we have pictures to share with you just in to our news room. we're told the girl was shot in the legs and stable in condition. she'd been taken to the hospital before police arrived on the scene. it appears she was sitting in a car when she was hit by a stray bullet. bart riders are experiencing major de lays at this hour. a train broke downs and stuck in the tube. bart says service in the san francisco has been halted and that train heading to the east bay are being delayed. we received some tweets in our news room from riders trying to get to the a's game. they say they are stuck on platforms waiting for trains. and developing news out of the south bay where sheriff's deputies say a suspicious package has been found. monterey is closed and our news chopper 2 is live above the area right now. santa clara county bomb squad is on the scene and is investigating. traffic has been stopped in the
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areas and being evacuated. more information on this developing story as we receive it. well, the san francisco giants are suddenly one win away from the national league championship series. the giants came out swinging in game four of their play off series with the cincinnati reds. angel set the tone with the home run to start the game. sand value made it a run away with a two run home run in the second. the giants pitching was helped by a strong relief effort. the final score here 8 to 3. the series is now tied two games to two. and, boy, talk about new hope. giants fans are suddenly giddy again. live at at&t park and fans are now believers there may be even more games there after all. >> absolutely, gasia. only four times in the history the team come back from 0 and 2 deficit to win the series. well, tonight the giants giving the fans hope that the next shirt hanging in the team window will say national league champ.
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>> giants fans in san francisco seem to be willing their team to victory. at public house at at&t park sprang to the tvs, even the cooks stopped cook. everything but baseball ceased to exist. fans tell every home run and every out as if they were the ones personally. >> they were behind two games. >> this was a win or go-home game and the giants aren't ready to go home. >> this is so exciting. it's, like, 2010 all over again. >> the game was great for fans, not so good for work productivity, though. dayna collins called in sick. >> you must be feeling better. >> feeling much better. i had a rough stomach. i needed a few beers to settle it, some fried foods, too, and a win. >> at the giants dugout team store one old navy employee told me she was going back to work to watch the game. >> how much work is going to get done here. >> not much.
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there's actually a couple of here and they're going to show it live. >> the baseball tradition dates back to the days of the san francisco. de spite the well intended accounting textbook the tradition of playing hook can i during play offs is alive and well here, too. >> how much studying do you think you're actually going to get done. >> well, after this game, probably not too much. >> school and work might suffer another day. thanks to today's win there's still another game in the series. >> and a's fans are probably hoping some of that giants' moe joe rubs off. the a's are playing tonight. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. detectives from the heshg lees police department are on their way to seattle tonight to investigate what may be a break in the case of a woman killed in her home. police arrested following a car chase. they were in a subaru stolen following the killing of susie ko. she was found friday stabbed to death in her home on ash court. hercules police are calling the
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couple persons of interest in ko's killing. >> it is a big league and we're very grateful to king county for recovering that vehicle. we're moving as quickly as we can on it but also watching the integrity of the case and trying to not make any mistakes. >> last month washington escaped from a southern jail. he got away after his wife carjacked that vehicle. san francisco mayor ed lee says he's prepared to work with sheriff ross mirkarimi but the mayor did not hide his disdain for the supervisor's decision to reinstate mirkarimi. he returned to the office today to start the transition process. mayor lee says he's not happy about the outcome but will move forward. >> by law we are required to work together, and i will work together across the aisle as i've always done. >> we want to move forward, mend
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fences. >> interim sheriff says she will help with the transition. mirkarimi is expected to fully resume his duties on monday. san francisco's da also waited on the mirkarimi matter today. as rob ross reports the da had a request about how the sheriff should go about his duties. >> san francisco district attorney george gas cone made this appeal today in a letter to newly reinstated sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> i am calling on ross mirkarimi to recuse himself from the duties in his office that relays to the custody, supervision, safety, and rehabilitation of the violence offenders. >> gascon recommends mirkarimi oversee all domestic violence matters. mirkarimi was convicted of a charge related to domestic violence. he has admitted to grabbing his wife's arm. >> there is no tout that ross has a clear conflict of interest when it comes to the management
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of domestic violence offenders. >> and because the domestic violence advocates are disappointed by the decision to reinstate mirkarimi. >> i think it's the wrong message. it says that san francisco thinks it's okay to have a sheriff who has been convicted who admitted under oath that he committed a violent act against his wife. >> four supervisors including john avalos and jane kim voted late last night to overmayor lee's decision to remove mirkarimi on grounds of official misconduct. kim's vote came as a surprise. >> what we were adjudicating was a civil proceeding with how we de fined misconduct. >> i think he has been humbled greatly and i think that is an experience i think that will be tremendously valuable for him and also his works as sheriff. >> late today mirkarimi told us there will be a quote legal response to da gascon's challenge. in san francisco rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose woman is being
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treated for second and third degree burns tonight after an explosion in her kitchen. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused the intense fire at that home t. cell phone video we're showing you here of the fire was given to us. neighbors on street ran outside to see what happened this afternoon. >> i just heard an explosion. i thought it was an earthquake, and i came outside and the smoke was already coming out their -- their front window. >> three other people living in the home escaped without injuries. president obama took a day off the campaign trail today but in a radio interview the president said he was just too polite during the last debate and acknowledged he must be more aggressive in next week's matchup. late this afternoon he clarified his position on abortion. romney says he remains opposed to abortion and if elected would take action to reduce the number of abortions saying he would call for the end of federal funding for planned parenthood.
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the gop vice presidential nominee arrived in kentucky ahead of vice president. he says he's excited about taking part in the debate. meanwhile joe biden is out of sight studying ryan's speeches and interviews. vice president biden has participated in more than 20 debates over his career as a senator, presidential candidate and vice president shl conditioned dat. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m.. ktvu news immediately follows that debate. a stanford university professor is the bay area's latest nobel prize winner. brian was at his palo alto home when he got the call. he's a professor at stanford school of medicine. he won the nobel prize for chemistry for his ground breaking discoveries on cell protein that have helped scientists develop better medications. he shares the $1.2 million prize with robert luck wits. he's the third this week with
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bay area ties. millions of toyotas subject to rauls. the simple repairs that could do considerable damage to the cars. a sea lion rescued from pier 39. this morning the strap was removed from his neck. we'll have an update on his condition. we still have quite a bit of cloud cover out there and lingering showers. coming up i'll let you know whether the showers are falling right now and the big weather change you can expect in the upcoming weekend
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . investigators are still looking for the cause of a fire that gutted part of the union city strip mall. flames broke out just after 1:00 a.m. on al have a raw doe boulevard. nearly a dozen businesses and multiple restaurants were damage dz in this fire. nthers say that flames spread through the attic and burned for hours before they were spotted.
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the fire was contained by 3:30 but fire crews stayed at the mall throughout the morning to check for hot spots. >> we lost a lot of businesses but then again we saved a lot of businesses and that's your goal, to save property and life. >> the roof of the mall collapsed before the fire was contained. no damagest mat just yet. a fire is being investigateed in richmond tonight. it started just after 2:00 a.m. in an industrial yord. several vehicles and some construction equipment were destroyed. the yard shared by a roofing company and a landscaping business. fire officials say that there were lightening strikes in the area but it's not yet known if they sparked the fire. no one was injured. toyota today announced a massive raul of more than 7 million 2007 to 2009 model vehicles sold in the u.s., japan, and europe. our consumer editor tom vacar explains why the prb can pose a potential hazard. >> many toyotas are being rauled
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because improperly made power window switches can cause a fire. >> there has been no evidence whatsoever reported about this. so customers don't have to worry about the safety aspect. >> every consumer should have a fire extinguisher in their car in any event but if you have a toyota, it's mandatory optional equipment for this raul. >> the repair is simple, quick, and free. some of these cars were rauled a couple of years ago for unintended acceleration issues. >> it's yet another blemish on toyota's reputation or quality. what happens is during the 2000s toyota tries to become the number one car saler in america and instead it's become the number one car recaller throughout the world. >> beyond what toyota itself is saying i called five different independent toyota repair shops and not one of them said they had seen this problem even one time. >> i think that it happens when
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you make lots and lots of cars. i've had very good experience with this car. it's got a lot of mileage on it, and i haven't had any trouble. i maintained it well and had this car for a couple years and i've had no issues so, i mean, there's a recall for a reason so at least they're fixing it so that's a good thing. >> i would look at toyota's first when i'm in the market for a new car. >> you can find the raul list on under hot topics. ktvu channel 2 news. the white house is warning consumers about fake replacement air bags. those counter fit bags believed to be from china have been installed in cars throughout the united states. they warn the bags can fail to activate or explode rather than inflate. in california the installation of counterfeit air bags is considered a criminal offense. industry analysts say that problems at the chevron richmond refinery may keep gas prices high even longer than expected.
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the refinery closed in august after a huge fire. chevron now says the taj from that explosion will leave the facility at reduced capacity through the end of the year keeping sup ply tight. analysts say refinery production is to blame for california gas prices nearing $5 a gallon over this past week. chevron's morning weight on the dow suffer add near 1% decline shedding 128 points. nasdaq lost 13. this was also the s & p 500th fourth straight losing session. san francisco's first target opened today and it's built specifically to accommodate city shoppers. the new store is about 25% smaller than normal target stores and it's tailored to city life by featuring items sold in smaller packages and smaller shopping carts. >> we found that the guests in our urban stores don't purchase as much in one shopping trip. they shop our stores more frequent. >> the store also focuses on fresh foods and active wear. an official grand open sg
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planned for this sunday. nfl hall of famer is being remembered tonight as an all-prodefensive lineman who can also act. he was known as the nfl's most feared players, one of them when he played for the detroit lions in the 1960s. after football he went onto a successful hollywood acting career. he played alongside his wife actress susan clark in sit come webster. he died in his los angeles home this morning. he suffered kidney failure. he was 77. an injured sea lion is finally free from a life-threatening strap around his neck. reports from sausalito on what lies ahead for the spicy rescue victim nicknamed the brown bomber. >> a careful attempt by rescuers to offer an injured sea lion his first meal after a dramatic rescue at 2:39 yesterday. but he wasn't having it.
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it's been a tough 24 hours for this guy. >> he was not happy. he didn't want us to -- to grab him or help him. he doesn't understand that we're really trying to help him. >> rescuers were called out yesterday after someone spotted him at pier 39 with a packing strap stuck around his neck. the rescue team sedated him with a dart then scooped him up with a giant net so he could be transported to the marine mammal center. he was named blond bomber because of a light patch of fur and a nod to fleet week. this 150-pound sea lion likely got the packing strap stuck around his neck when he was much smaller. >> and if that somehow gets loose into the environment while it's still in tact, it's a noose. it's a loop noose. >> they cut the strap off this morning a visible wound. >> he's brightened up and active and we didn't find any other issues. >> rescuers tell us no sign today of a second sea lion also spotted a day ago at pier 39
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tangled in fishing lines. if all fwoes as planned, blond bomber could be released here at rodeo beach as early as next week. in sausalito, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. anti doping agency today revealed its findings that led the agency to strip lance armstrong after his seven tour de france titles. it includes lab tests and testimonies from nearly a dozen of his former teammates. armstrong's lawyers says the witnesses traded reduced punishment in exchange ffr testimony. >> many of these same witnesses testified in an insurance case in 2006, which i tried, and their testimony when tested was not credible. >> armstrong chose not to fight the case and instead accepted the sanction, though he has persistently argd that the anti doping agency's effort was a witch hunt. just ahead an update on the developing news. bart train has been stuck inside the tube, plus the historical
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significance behind the latest delivery through the international space station. thunder, lightening, even hail. it's been a whirlwind 24 hours of wild weather. meteorologist marc will let us know what else to expect
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. the crew aboard the international space station captured today and began unload lg hundreds of pounds of valuable cargo. it's the first time sup plies have been delivered to the station by a privately-owned spacecraft. the capsule will remain docked for three weeks before returning to earth. . our mete rolgs has been busy all afternoon in the weather center checking what's happening in the south bay. pretty intense stuff. >> yeah, that's right. late this afternoon of course we had that severe thunderstorm warning and we're not done yet. the most active weather pattern has moved out but we still have showers popping up. in fact, here's the conch. this is the loop over the past couple of hours. you'll notice there's a rotation here rotating from the east and heading out to the west. here's the latest imagery right now reports of some light rain out toward the bay area and also come in tighter. this band right now associated with some shower activity concentrated closer to danville, clayton, antioch and brentwood right now and it is heading out to the west so it'll still be a factor at least in the short term the possibility of some showers but no reports of any
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thunderstorms with this action but still let's keep an eye on that. as far as rain fall totals other the past 4 hours, look at gil roy. gil roy picked upmost of the active weather today. .71. mountain view and a few hundredths of an inch down towards santa cruz. we do have this still some lingering cloud cover out there and still the chance of a shower. tomorrow sun cloud mix in fact quite a few clouds out there tomorrow and temperatures do come down a few degrees. weekend though completely different clear out those skies and temperatures do warm up nicely. overnight lows will be in the 40s to 50s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. santa rosa 46, fremont 52 and san jose 53. this is the ayeah of low pressure responsible for the strange weather we had today heading down towards southern california but here's the key the wrap around moisture will continue to generate a few high clouds and there is the chance like i said of a few lingering showers for tonight and early tomorrow morning but still lots
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of cloud cover with our forecast model showing you this. into thursday still wrapping around the area of low pressure approach tg bay area but then by tomorrow night we'll gradually scale back on some of that overcast. temperatures for tomorrow as i mentioned most neighborhoods a little cooler than today. warmest locations on track to reach low to mid 70s. partly to mostly cloudy skies for third-day forecast. san francisco right around 62 degrees. five-day forecast with weekend always in view, partly cloudy skies on friday a few lingering clouds saturday morning and warm things back up by sunday. gasia. we have new information on that broken down bart train that's been causing om sma yor de lays for the past 90 minutes. we just spoke with bart and the agency says it was a malfunction of the door on the train stopped. tra train has now been removed and other trains are now running through the tunnel but bart says riders may still face de lays for some time tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we have a crew in san francisco where a group of protesters has taken over a vacant building. right now police are moving in to forcibly remove them. it's a story at 10:00. we're always here for you at kt have and tmz is up next right here on tv 36 [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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